Nero NB

Production Clarifications

This is currently under construction but shall be up shortly. This is where we shall host the many links for production questions.

NERO NB uses a Production Component System, but cannot compel players to use Production Components rarher than copper and other coins for produced items from logistics. Nevertheless, for IG reasons characters consider it wise to always do their production using components.

This brings the feel of the game to a more in period nature, as well as it promoting the ingame economy. If you're interested in finding out what you need for a particular skill, seek out the individual production links to the left for more information.

Production can be done in whole at anytime during a weekend, logistics permitting. We are experimenting with different suggestions to make this easier for our players, and our logistics staff.

A Special Note:
Spell Book: To make a spell book, it requires 1 Vial of Ink per spell level of spell for each spell in the book. It also requires someone with a valid spell book to copy from.
For Example: A Flamebolt (Fourth Level) and a Magic Missle (First Level) to be copied into your book would cost (4+1) = 5 vials of ink.

Alchemy Recipe Book: To make a recipe book, it requires 1 vial of ink per book, and of course someone willing to give you the recipes to copy.