Nero NB

Being Out of Game

We would like to inform everyone that the NERO NB Site is strongly enforcing the White Headband Rule.

What this means is:

Once "Game on" is called, you are "Ingame" unless you are wearing a White Headband. No exceptions.

Any and all explotations of your adventures on site during the "Game on" Period are usuable ingame by anyone who overhears them. -This means if you want it to be secret, don't tell anyone.
Staff will support the benefit of the doubt in all cases, because if you're wearing a headband and around a corner or in a room, how is someone else to know when they are not right there with you? (In real life I don't know anyone who can see through walls without the use of a hole or window.)

In the event that you find yourself sleeping somewhere other than where your character actually is, then your lifetag must be tied with someone else, and then plot and the marshall's notified, and approval gained. - Without these steps then your character is sleeping where you sleep, with or without headband (This is to render those that would abuse this rule unable to do so).

This is in effect until "Game off" is called.

To sum this up;

To be OOG, you MUST wear a White Headband, otherwise you are Ingame, even if you leave the house and goto your car -which if you do, no ingame items may go with you (As per the no items in your car rule).

To sleep OOG, and have your character somewhere else, it must be approved by Plot, Weekend Plot and the Marshalls, and your character's life must be tied to someone else's, incase of ambush or a Dream module (as examples).

NERO NB is not able to supply headbands to PCs, you all have fair warning, NPCs are expected to return them, not just throw them away or keep them.

This is the decision of Senior Staff.

Andrew Inness,
General Manager,
NERO New Brunswick