Nero NB


Non Standard Construction of Weapons:
NERO NB reserves the right to fail any weapon opon inspect by a saftey marshal, at any time during an event. All weapons are required to pass safety inspection prior to entering an event (and must be flagged as passed).

Any weapon with non standard material requires that a dual band of red stripes be placed near the hand grip upon the weapon. Any weapon found to be of non standard materials and not properly marked will not be permitted ingame, if non standard weapon materials are concealed upon inspection and later revealed, said weapon shall be removed from play and deconstructed by a saftey marshal.

Consult your rulebook for guidelines on weapon construction, any further questions can be directed to our rules forum here.

Archery Clarifications:
NERO NB uses Archery Draft 4 of the Archery rules, which is very similar to the 8th Edition. The biggest difference is the following:

We allow the use of Packet Bows without draw-strings. We also allow NERF Bows if they are designed to look in period for NERO. ie: No neon mechanical looking gun-like things.

Arrow Recovery:
Arrows in NERO NB are "Fire and Forget". Meaning they do not last 5minutes to be picked up, they are not recoverable. This affects Foam rep arrows, Nerf Arrows, and Packet Arrows.

A Quiver holds 20 arrows, and should be able to hold 20 physreps of the arrow type that is tagged upon the quiver. (A good suggestion can be ice-cream containers decorated to look ingame.)