Nero NB

Spell Clarifications

This is where the new spells and clarifications that are used in NERO New Brunswick will be located.

You will find descriptions of our Playtested Spells, which have the objective to flesh out and fill some of the gaps in the spell lists and improve the versatility of spell casters.

Casting a Spell - Cast On The Fly (COTF)
In NERO New Brunswick we use Cast on The Fly, which allows a character more flexibility in their spell choice options. Instead of memorizing a single spell and recieving a tag from logistics, you have access to the spells you can cast, upto your character's spell slot limit.

Memorization occurs at game on, and at reset. Memorization takes 10minutes, of uninterrupted study. This is required if you acquire a new spell to be cast as well that you did not have previous access to earlier in the game. Memorization requires notification to a marshall, this is for accountability since we do not use tags to track spells.

Players have two choices when it comes to memorization, 10 minutes to memorize and cast without a book on them, or casting with a spellbook in their possession.

Making a Spell Book:
It requires 1 Vial of Ink per spell level of spell for each spell that will be copied into the book. It also requires someone with a valid spell book to copy from.
For Example: A Flamebolt (Fourth Level) and a Magic Missle (First Level) to be copied into your book would cost (4+1) = 5 vials of ink.

Spells that cannot be used to break Spell shields:
As provided to International Rules, May 1999, rules for spells that could not be used for "Spell Shield" (Shield Magic) breakers are as follows:
Light / Continual Light
Wall of Force
Wizard's Lock
Circle of Power
Duplicate Ward Key

It was also ruled that the following spells could only affect their creature type (so throwing them at a living being resulting in nothing happening other than a wasted a spell):
Trap Undead / Free Undead
Turn Undead / Control Undead
Harm Undead / Help Undead
Earth Bolt
Earth Storm
Destroy Undead / Create Undead (The latter can only be used on corpses)