Nero NB

Racial Clarifications and Skills

All of the role-playing guidelines that are in the book are simply guidelines and are not hard and fast rules. If there are any questions as to how your character's race should be played, that race's marshal should be consulted.

On page 11, Amani Elf should read Wood Elf. On page 12, Wild Elf is also known as Amani Elf.

On page 14, Mystic wood elf race description: The section on spouse relations should be ignored, these are role playing aspects of a characters personality and are not dictated by rules. This is not part of the official race description and in no way are players expected to role play in this manner unless they decide to on their own regardless of the race they are playing.

Dark Elves (Drae) and Elves cannot buy or use Two-Handed Sword or Two-Handed Blunt, and Dwarves may not buy or use any Two-Handed weapon skill, including Polearm or Staff.

Additional Races:
Only Standard NERO Races are pre-approved for play at NERO NB. Additional Races need approval of Plot and Logistics prior to coming ingame, please email us ahead of time if you play a Non-Standard Race.