Nero NB

Event Calender

Year - 2002

Fri, Mar 15 - Sun, Mar 17 Dave Cleveland   
Fri, Apr 26 - Sun, Apr 28 Kevin Cain & Pierre- Andre Saindon  Art at its Best 
Fri, May 17 - Mon, May 20 (4 day) Luc Jaillet & Bobby Ogilvie  Portals 
Sat, May 25 - Sun, May 26 (2 day) Work Day  (not an event!) 
Fri, Jun 7 - Sun, Jun 9 Josh & Juhli   
Fri, Jun 28 - Mon, Jul 1 (4 day) Felipe Candela & Davin St. Pierre  To be a Pawn 
Fri, Jul 19 - Sun, Jul 21 Noah & Bobby   
Fri, Aug 16 - Sun, Aug 18 Susan Douglas  Festival of the August Moon 
Fri, Aug 30 - Mon, Sep 2 (4 day) Shadowguard  The Search for Booty 
Fri, Sep 20 - Sun, Sep 22 Kevin Cain & Bobby Ogilvie  The Seven 
Fri, Oct 11 - Mon, Oct 14 (4 day) Entire NERO NB Staff   
Fri, Nov 1 - Sun, Nov 3 Norv & Megan  A Thing of Beauty 

Notes: - This schedule could still change at any time.

Legal Stuff:

Medical & Emergency Information Form - Required once per season
Activity Waiver & Legal Release Form - Required each event Payments can be made using paypal. Individual events can be paid for on the pre-registration page for that event. The annual membership fee and seasons pass for 2013 can be paid below.

Annual Membership dues $15

- If renewed before expiration this grants you 3bp National Link

Annual Insurance Renewal

- Required by all members to participate at NERO NB

Day Pass - $30

- This method is required for a single logistical day pass (6pm-6pm), this is because once primary logistics is closed no money etc is kept on site and this reciept is required to play
- Your receipt acts as your voucher, be sure to print it off and bring it with you

Season Pass - $250

Includes all 5 events, Insurance and Membership dues.

Special 20th Anniversary offers:

- As a "thank you" for past players that have supported the many incarnations of our NERO game over the years. NERO NB is offering a one time 50% discount on the full event of their choice!

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