Nero NB

How does Experience Work?


This is not a comprehensive guide on the NERO skill system, or even how to gain experience. Its meant as an introduction to how the system works, so that you might have some idea as to how much experience you will get for going to an event.

Important Terms

A real world example

If you want see how it works, a real world example works like this. (note: The example is for a brand new character named "Bob". Bob starts at level 1 and has 15 build, like all starting characters.)

  1. Bob attends a weekend event.
    Result: Bob gets experience points just for showing up. The amount he gets for this is the same as the amount of build he had when he started the event, or 15.
  2. Bob makes some silver at this event, and decides he wants to buy training.
    Every silver coin you spend on training gives you 1 extra experience point. The maximum amount you can buy is the same as the build you had when you started the event, or 15 again.
  3. Bob ends the event having paid 15 silver for training.
    Result: Bob gets 15 experience for playing, and 15 more for training, or 30 experience. At level 1, Bob gets a build point for every 3 experience he has. So Bob gains 10 build when the event is over. He now has 25, and is level 2.
  4. Bob comes to another event, but gets robbed by some evil people and doesn't have any money for training.
    Result: Bob has 25 build, and gets 25 experience points for playing. Since he didn't buy any training, Bob ends the weekend with 25 experience. At level 2 it costs 7 experience for a build point, so Bob gains 3 build (28 total now), and is still level 2. Bob also has 4 experience left over, this is simply kept since it can't be used for anything right now.
  5. Bob comes to another event and this time can afford 20 silver worth of training.
    Result: Bob gains 28 experience for playing, 20 for training, and he still has the 4 from before. This gives him a total of 52, which is enough for 7 build points (with three experience left over). Bob now has 35 build, and is level 3.

And so on. If you want to know how much experience and build your character will gain by playing an event, there is a link on the left hand side of this page to a Build Calculator program which can help do the math. (at high levels it can include some very large numbers).

If you still have questions, please feel free to post them on the message board.