Nero NB

Cantrip Basic Rules

Cantrips are an attempt to give everyday use to the expensive skill of Formal Magic. In addition they give something more to scholars who at this time often feel overshadowed by fighters and magic items. The design of cantrips was to give limited increases in power to ritual casters in ways that would not seriously affect the balance of the game or the plot of the game in a continual manner.

In NERO NB we have decided to test Cantrips on a limited basis. Not all Cantrips are available in our campaign, nor are all Cantrips able to transfer in at this time.

Please notify both logistics and plot if you are intending to visit and have Cantrips available to your character that you wish to bring in.

Casting a Cantrip must be witnessed by a marshal when the duration is greater than one hour, for Field Resurrection or for Lore.

The Quick Rules of Casting Cantrips:

For a player to cast a cantrip they must have the skill Formal Magic Earth or Formal Magic Celestial. A player may cast one cantrip of their school of magic per day for each level of formal magic they possess. Also in order to cast a cantrip the player must be carrying a cantrip tome, which contains the cantrip they wish to cast, this tome must remain in their possession while they are under the enchantments of the Cantrip(s).

Cantrip tomes are in game objects that must be acquired in game. The phys rep for a Cantrip Tome is a book with minimum dimensions of 6" by 4". Cantrip Tomes can hold up to 10 cantrips of its school per book. The book used must have an ingame value of at least 10 gold. The Cantrip Tome may not have any other formal magic cast upon it or it will cease functioning. The Cantrip tome is still a shatterable object (unless made resistant) and is vulnerable to any force that may destroy a normal book.

In addition to Cantrip Tomes, there are also cantrip pages.

Cantrip pages function like cantrip tomes but are of one use only and will only contain a single cantrip. A cantrip page must follow the rules for size as if it were a scroll and must be read and a packet touched to it in order to cast from it.

We have included a link to the Cantrip Rules located on the national webpage to the right.

Casting a Cantrip must be witnessed by a marshal when the duration is greater than one hour, for Lore.

A cantrip may never be extended in any manner or placed into an item in the manner of an enchantment, expanded enchantment, etc. A cantrip or the effect of a cantrip may never be spellstored.

The statement "dies and requires a life spell" refers to any time the character is dead whether they receive a life spell or not, resurrect, regenerate, revives through a manner other than a life spell, or if they reach the point where they have "died" and is not affected by life.

Unless otherwise indicated, the effect of any cantrip with the duration of "Day" is lost if the target requires a Life Spell.

Field Resurrection is not allowed in play at NERO NB.