Nero NB

Combat Clarifications

Counted Actions: All counted actions require they take the number of seconds for the count required for the action to take place.

Should anything interrupt this count, the count must begin again, from the start. Using an ingame skill or ability counts as an interruption towards this count.
-ie: Dodging a Spell, after initating a Killing Blow.

Should a count be contested for whatever reason, than the party that initiated the count first shall win, as this is not a race, and the person who started the count first will end it first.
-ie: Attempting to perform a Killing blow on a creature that has already begun ripping free from a Web.

Killing Blow: "If anyone strikes you during the count or knocks your weapon away, then the Killing Blow is interupted and fails to kill the person."[NERO 7th Edition Rulebook, page 68]

We have clarified this to clean up its wording and clear up any misinterpretations that could be caused by the wording of the rule as it is.

1. "The Strike must affect it's target to interrupt the Killing blow". As there are some creatures in specific that could killing blow a person while others could indeed be helpless to save them from that killing blow.
-ie: A Werewolf, needed to be hit by silver, or a Death Knight needing to be hit by magic might not be interuppted if you swing a normal weapon at them to stop the killing blow.

2. A person may make the statement "I block you" if they are in weapons reach (Defined as: 3 steps or less and in a position to have done so). This is the safest form of attempting to stop a killing blow as you are not attacking the weapon currently pressed against the target of the Killing Blow.

Physical Webs: Breaking a Physical Web with an Endow spell incurs the loss of 3 body points (Bless and Greater Bless applied normally, this by-passes all armor) and may be done by stating "I Endow Break Free" with the standard 3 count.

Cutting someone from a Physical Web can take 3 Seconds delivering the target 3 Damage straight to body (as above, Bless' applied and armor bypassed), or it can take 60 seconds delivering no damage (as in 0 damage) at all.

Pin spell: Being "Pinned" is just that, you are magically trapped in one spot by your right leg, or stump.

Which means should you choose to chop off your leg, you are still stuck and now require a Restore Limb spell. This is defined In-game as the magical energies binding you to Tyrra in Spirit and Body, not merely one small part of it.

Archery Clarifications:
Arrow Recovery:
Arrows in NERO NB are "Fire and Forget". Meaning they do not last 5minutes to be picked up, they are not recoverable. This affects Foam rep arrows, Nerf Arrows, and Packet Arrows.

A Quiver holds 20 arrows, and should be able to hold 20 physreps of the arrow type that is tagged upon the quiver. (A good suggestion can be ice-cream containers decorated to look ingame.)