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Table of Contents

authors note: This page is detailing the Undernet IRC Channel #nero. It is my understanding that there may be another channel, and if the members of it send me some information, I can have a page made up for it as well.

  1. Out of Game Information
    1. Connection Information
    2. Troubleshooting
    3. Mannerisms
    4. How does it fit into the grand scheme of things?
  2. In Game Information
    1. Description of the Inn and surrounding area
    2. How do I get there?
    3. General Lore

Out of Game Information

  1. Connection Information
    1. What IRC Server should I use?

      Really, any Undernet IRC Server should work. However because the Undernet is known for being flaky on some nights, the fewer servers the channel is actively using, the better. Some of my favorite servers include:


      Once your on, simply join channel #nero (type /join #nero ) and all is well.

    2. What is IRC? How do I get on it?

      Oh boy... ok. First of all, you need an IRC chat program, such as mIRC. The mIRC homepage has some basic tutorials in it on what IRC is an how to use it, but that information is really beyond the scope of this page. If you want to come on and have no idea what to do, you can always harass Tridus/Louis by E-Mail or ICQ at 5441591.

  2. Troubleshooting
    1. The server I usually use isn't working anymore!

      That happens every now and then. Best bet is probably to try another one, as servers do go down for software upgrades, maintenance, and Denial of Service attacks every now and then.

    2. I keep getting a "Your Connection Class is full" error. What should I do?

      In the connection setup of mIRC, you can configure it to attempt to connect multiple times if it fails. Set it to retry about 99 times with a few second delay between attempts. And be patient, eveuntally you should be able to get onto the server.

    3. I was chatting away happily with people in the channel, and then suddenly everyone disappeared.

      In IRC Jargon, thats known as a "Netsplit". If everybody is on the same server, this problem does not occur. Your best bet is to wait a few minutes and see if the servers can reconnect successfully. Otherwise, try to get on the same server everybody else is on.

    4. Its taking a long time for people to respond to what I say. Why are they being so slow?

      Well, either everybody is busy, or lagged. You can try the /ping nickname command to see how much lag there is between you and someone else. If that number is high, then it is simply taking longer for what you type to reach them, and vice-versa. You can try getting on the same server to solve this, or hope it goes away on its own.

    5. I came on one day and people were talking about CD-Burners. Whats going on?

      Since our old channel manager (Stanach from Tyrangel) disappeared from IRC, we lost our channel registration. As a result, someones people talking about NERO the Cd-R software come in. If you are an op, just explain to them what the channel actually is about and they usually go away polietly. If we can get a few people as regulars again, I plan on re-registering the channel.

  3. Mannerisms
    1. How do I know if the Channel is currently In Game or Out of Game?

      Generally, if the channel is in game, we will put something in the topic like this: "[IG] Some Random Topic". However if you aren't sure, its always better to err on the side of caution and assume we are in game. Of course of the topic says "[OOG] Some random Topic.", then we are probably out of game.

    2. I want to say something out of game in the channel but the channel is in game. What do I do?

      If you really want to do this, you can enclose it inside brackets, like this:
      This is an in game statement.
      (This is an out of game statement.)

      Please bear in mind that if four people are trying to be in game and your carrying on an entire conversation out of game at the same time, it makes it harder for everybody else to be in game and the Ops may get annoyed at you.

    3. Should I change my nick to my characters nick?

      While you don't have to, it is encouraged. I generally don't do this because I'm in several other channels and everybody knows me by "Tridus", not "Louis". If you can use your characters name, it does save on confusion. But nobody is going to get mad at you if you don't. (If you are playing an NPC and not your normal character, or both at the same time, you should probably prefix each statement with a name so we know who is saying what)

    4. What does it mean when one person makes a statement like this:
      *Louis* Hi!
      *Sashie* Hello!

      That usually happens if one person is playing two characters. Because opening up multiple IRC connections is a Bad Thing(TM), you might have one person playing several characters at once, especially when NPC's are involved. You would read that as the first sentance being from Louis in game, and the second being from Sashie in game.

    5. Well then what does this mean: *angrily* I hate all of you!

      In this case, the *angrily* is not a name, its a description. Its telling you that I hate all of you was said with an angry tone of voice. Thats the only real way you can convey emotion and such across IRC, as you can't hear the persons actual voice.

    6. Whats with the really strange typing that some people playing Gypsies use? Are they drunk or something?

      Hehehe, maybe. :-)

      Seriously, as you are probably aware, most gypsies speak in game with a somewhat odd accent. Because in the IRC Channel you are actually hearing the person talk in game as opposed to reading what they are writing, the odd typing is an attempt to type what their words would actually sound like. For example: Louis writes the word "sleep" as "sleep", but when he says it, it sounds more like "zleep" (or sometimes "zeep"). So when I write an IG note/letter/book/whatever, the word is still spelled as "sleep". But on IRC when I'm actually saying it, its "zleep" since that is what your hearing.

      Note: If your new and you don't want to do this kind of wonky typing, you don't have to. In that case, just tell everybody at some point that you are speaking with a Romani accent.

  4. How does it fit into the grand scheme of things?
    1. How does Combat Work?

      The Short Answer: It doesn't.

      The Long Answer: It doesn't work very well, because the NERO skill system was never designed for that sort of thing. While it has been done (and done extremely well in one case), its so hard that there is no real official "this is how you do it" document. In general, its not looked favourably upon at all, because of the problem of a faster typer (or copy/paster) will win almost any fight, and there's no real way to say when a spell hits or misses.

      Of course because things in there only count on a roleplaying level anyway, you can't *actually* kill somebody in the channel. Thats not to say you can't do it and have them roleplay it if they want to do so, more power to the both of you. But it wont count as a death against them.

      You also have to remember that the other patrons and the Innkeeper aren't too likely to look favourably upon you destroying the Inn by fighting, so its generally discouraged, but not disallowed per-se.

      If you really want to come in and start a fight, there is no rule saying that you cant do that, and so you can. Bear in mind that you may suffer actual penalties later if things turn out badly for you, and there is no real way to gain anything by attacking someone in the channel except on a roleplaying level. So, do it at your own risk.

    2. Well then how does this work? Whats considered "real" and whats "fake"?

      This is where some common sense has to come in. If you come in and beat up Sashie (aka Sashenka, aka Louis daughter) and steal her favorite stuffed animal, you can expect Louis/Narri (and maybe Cymric if he finds out about it) to not be very friendly with you the next time they see you. (can you say Gypsy Curse? I know I can. :-) )

      If you come in and find a +2 Damage Aura 2 year extended Rendered longsword in the forest, thats great. If you go to Dave/Andrew/Anybody on Plot and ask them to make you a tag for it because you found it in the forest on IRC, please do expect to be laughed at.

      Now thats not to say you can't ever get items from online. If you come in and ask Louis to borrow some squid ink or something, and he agrees, I'll quite happily snail mail you the tag for it (assuming I have one anyway). But don't expect to be able to make yourself more powerful by finding items on IRC, because unless there is some kind of major policy change by Plot, its just not going to happen.

      So far as losing items goes, that is up to you. If you use an item you have such as a potion in the Inn, nobody is going to come out there and stand over your shoulder as you rip the tag up. If you want to do so, more power to you, and you have my respect as a hardcore roleplayer. If you don't want to, well you still have my respect. :-)

      The basic point I'm trying to make is that so far as IRC goes, its there for roleplaying and for the development of your character's personality and relationships with other characters through roleplaying. If your looking for items, your looking in the wrong place. Sorry.

    3. On an In Game Level, where is this Inn anyway? Where is the channel set up in the world?

      I'm going to have to check with Narri on this, but last I heard, we were situated on an Island off the coast of Capulus. There is a ferry there from the mainland. As for exactly how far south it is from the Hinterlands... I don't think a map that precise exists in all of NERO. I generally say that if he encounters no real problems, it takes Louis about two weeks to walk from Narri's Parents house (which is on the island) to Darkenwald. Of course that is an absolute guess with no facts to back it up at all. If someone knows how far it *actually* is, I'd love to hear about it.

In Game Information

As recorded by Louis Sadrian, a longtime patron of the Inn and local Gypsy (if such people can ever be truly considered local to anything).

  1. Description of the Inn and surrounding area
    1. The Inn itself

      As you walk down the packed dirt path out of town towards the Inn, you may not actually realize what it is at first, as it could pass for a large house in appearance. Looking at it from the front, it looks like a bright and cheery establishment, with two floors, a nice paint job, and lots of windows. The area immediately around it has been cleared of trees and such and is simply full of emerald grass thanks to the warm weather of the area and frequent rain. After that grassy area is mostly forest in every direction around the Inn as well as along the path for a ways. Behind the Inn the forest is deeper, and it spreads all the way to the end of the island. Of course that isn't actually very far from the Inn itself, because the island isn't all that big.

      Walking into the Inn, the first thing you will probably notice is that it looks very clean. It is always that way. Off to the left you will see several polished tables surrounded with chairs, most of which are usually empty. Further off to the left in the side wall is a large fireplace which usually houses a warm cheery fire at night (and during the day in the winter months). Right beside that just to the right is my chair, do not ever sit in it.

      On the right hand wall (which is basically right where you come in) there is a bookcase, a stack of firewood, pegs on the wall to hang things like cloaks, and space for bags and the like. There is also a small "bar" which has an assortment of drinks in it. Someone can go there if they want to serve drinks to people on a busy day.

      Against the far wall there is a large door which goes into the kitchen. Among other things in the kitchen is a way into the cellar which is used as a storage area for more drinks (including the hooch).

      Looking up a bit on the far wall, there is a staircase that goes up to the second floor. The second floor overlooks the first with a railing so people don't fall down, as well as several doors that each lead to a room. One of them is Narri's room, but I forget which one it is right now.

    2. The surrounding town

      The town itself is a fair sized town, including shops selling things such as food, candy, jewelery, etc. There is no nobility on the island itself, the island is ruled from the mainland in theory. In practice the island is generally left to take care of itself, which it has little problem doing usually.

      One interesting thing about the island is that many of the problems of the mainland simply don't exist. Things such as undead and wandering monsters are increadibly rare at best. One of the side effects of this is that the town is very peaceful. As I recall, the town doesn't have a mages guild at all (although it may just be well hidden from prying Romani eyes). Many people looking for more adventurous things to do generally wander off the island onto the mainland in search of battles and the like.

      Although the town is rumored to have a bustling Alchemical trade, I suspect that rumor is simply because of Saffie and Raikkor being in the area rather then any actual truth.

      The town is predominately gaje (human), but is friendly towards visitors (unlike certain other places which will remain nameless because if I start writing about it, this will soon become a chronicle rather then a simple note).

    3. Some notable personalities in the Inn and surrounding area

      (I'm working on this list still)

  2. How do I get there?

    Well, there is several ways. The simplest being to walk a long way south until you get there. It takes a fair bit of time unfortunately coming from Darkenwald, as it is far away. It usually takes me a couple of weeks to make the journey, more if my knee is acting up at all during the trip (and I'd like to mention that I curse the name of my gaje brother for that until the end of time).

    The other way is to find the 'short cut', which lets you get there much faster. I don't really know how else to explain it. Sometimes if you want to come and think about it, you can quickly find a way there.

    Some travellers have told me stories of simply disappearing from where they were and appearing on the path to the inn suddenly. Others report simply walking and without being aware of it travelling the entire distance in a very short time. Still others describe walking along and suddenly having a shimmering 'hole' or portal type thing appear in front of them. Stepping through it usually plunks them on the path to the Inn out of sight of the town but near the Inn itself.

    I don't actually know what causes all of these things or if there are other ways of getting here, however I've found that generally if you want to get to the Inn, you can do it fairly quickly. For some reason the 'short cut' never appears if you are rushed, such as by running away from evil bad things or when Rosa is chasing you with mug looking for copper. Usually, you can also get back the same way you came in the first place when you are ready to go home, but there is no guarantees. I have seen some travellers get stuck, including one from far south.

    Some people have a knack for finding the fastest way to the Inn, although the only one I know of who can do it consistantly is my love, Narri. Her Romani blood gives her visions of things, and that allows her to be able to find a way to the Inn whenever she wants to. Until I can learn how to do that, I will have to settle for guesswork like everybody else does. sigh.

  3. General Lore
    1. What is the name of the Inn?

      Ok, I admit it. I don't actually know. Its always just been "The Inn" to Narri and Myself. I'm sure it does actually have a name, its just that we have never needed it.

    2. Why is the place always clean, well stocked, and where does the money go?

      The innkeeper is just reclusive. That doesn't mean there isn't one, because I really do believe there is. He is probably just a reclusive gaje who comes out when nobody else is around and restocks the building, cleans up, and takes all the coins people have left for drinks and food. I have never seen him myself, but I am fairly sure he exists. How else would all this stuff get done?

    3. I've heard rumors about a strange mouse that lives in the Inn.

      Thats Mousie. You do not want to bother him. Just leave him alone, and hope that he doesn't decide to start playing games with you.