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Laws of the Hinterlands

The purpose of this article is to serve as a reminder to all citizens and travelers in The Hinterlands of our Laws. It is your responsibility as citizens and visitors to be cognizant of our laws. Failure on your part to learn the laws is not a valid defense in trial.

This is a current list of the laws, as they were written on the date shown. Changes made after that date to the laws will not be in here.

Although this is a copy of the law, it should not be taken as the final word on matters of law. If you wish to know about any updates, clarifications, or changes to the law in the region you are in, consult the local Magistrate or Noble.

High Crimes are punishable by at least a Death and are tried only by the Nobility of the Hinterlands. Low Crimes are not generally punishable by Death and are tried by the Local Sheriff or Local Magistrate in representation of the Nobility of the Hinterlands. Within the cities of Kraggor Lok, Cragg Keep, Thunder’s Spire, Dewshine’s Crest, or Fort Icewyrm the local Lord Magistrate handles all matters of commoner law.

While all laws have suggested punishments, it is the privilege of the Sheriff, Magistrate or Noble sitting in judgment to punish each criminal as harshly or as leniently as he or she sees fit, depending upon the circumstances surrounding the crime. The liege of the Noble in question shall handle any matters of Noble Law should they arise.

There are proper channels available to challenge the decision made in a criminal trial. If any citizen of The Hinterlands is in need of information regarding the appeal of such decisions, you may ask of any Noble of these lands.