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Cymric's Library of Useful Information

Bo n a t i f ka !

Some of you may or may not of heard of me, but none-the-less; I am Cymric Servonia, of Clan Greenstar, Member of the Order of the White Hart, and Former Archwizard of Gaia. I say Former, because I renounced my title a while back, so I could be properly named, by my Archwizard peers. I have travelled the Hinterlands for about 11 years now. So I have pretty much adventured with everyone who has came to the Hinterlands. So I am going to try to Tell you a bit about all the Heroes of the Hinterlands, and all the Notorious Villians.

Maybe I should tell you a little bit about the Order of the White Hart. The White Hart stands for Order, and opposes Chaos in every way shape or form. Whether it be Necromancers, Undead, or other Creature's of Chaos. Although I'm pretty much the only memeber you will meet, As Shaemus doesn't seem to be around much, and well the Knights, are busy elsewhere. If you need help with anything, contact me and I will see what I can do. Just keep in mind, if you tell me your a necromancer, and you need help killing the adventurer's because they keep interfering with your plans, I will kill you where you stand. But if you are a necromancer, and want to come tell me that, all the power to you, it will just make my job hunting you down a lot easier.

This is dedicated to all my friends, and those who have died protecting the Hinterlands.

-Cymric Servonia