Nero NB

Scroll Production

The art of transmuting the cosmic energies onto paper, in a manner that can be shared.

The production charts are located in the NERO Rulebook, those costs have not changed, rather the method in which they are paid for has.

Scroll making requires access to a spell book containing the spell with which you are duplicating onto the scroll. (Some spells are not possible, refer to the Rulebook).

To write a scroll you need to find:

These components can be found in small and large quantities, but they do not break down, so plan your scroll writing carefully as the magics do not give change.

Fine Parchment - This special paper is of a quality that can withstand the harsh nature of celestial magics and hold true until it becomes a scroll.
Ink - The staple requirement of any celestial mage. This special substance can harness the magical energies of a spell onto the fine parchment.

You need at least a single piece of Fine Parchment and then the remaining components of Ink. You can combine these so they are equal to 4 parts per level of the spell being contained within the scroll.