Nero NB

Message Board Rules

In Game

The Gossip, Stuff for Sale, and Celestial Guild boards are all considered to be In Game.

  1. IG board posts have to be In Game, and written by a character belonging to the player.
  2. Out of Game material inside an In Game post is discouraged, except when it is used to describe some property of the post itself (eg: “the handwriting in this is shaky”).
  3. New players and players with new characters are encouraged to limit the number of posts they make until after they have played the character at an event. When playing a new race it is very easy to get yourself into a lot of trouble with others of your race without realizing you are doing anything wrong.
  4. Although there is no hard limit on the number of posts a new character may make, the message board administrator reserves the right to ban anybody who is seen to be abusing this privilege. (eg: making up a new character to say something that would get your existing character into trouble, and then never touching the new character again)
  5. NPC characters may be used to post by members of the Board of Directors who control the NPC, or players who have permission from the Board to post as the NPC. Weekend directors are also allowed to post as any weekend specific NPC to further or promote their plotlines.
  6. All posts must be “from” a character using his actual name, anonymous posts or using a group name are only allowed with permission of the message board administrator.
  7. Players from other Nero chapters will be treated as PCs under these rules. Out of chapter NPCs must have the permission of the Board of Directors to post.
  8. A valid Message Board account or email address will be required to post by all users. In the event a player has a good reason for needing to keep their true email address hidden, a special alias can be provided by the message board administrator for that character.
  9. An email address is not a legitimate In Game means of identifying characters. For example, the fact that Bob and Dave both have the same email address does not mean they are actually the same person In Game (it does mean that they are played by the same player most likely). This goes for Message Board accounts as well.
  10. Although posters must use their characters real name as the “from” of a message, they are free to lie in the message itself (eg: Bob can claim he’s the King and a Master Dracolich even if he is a level 2 Elf. This also applies to NPCs.).
  11. Obvious anachronisms should be avoided, as per the NERO rules (no communism supporters please).
  12. As arguments In Game can get rather heated, characters on this board have more freedom to throw insults at other characters then on the Out of Game forum. Players should remember not to take these things personally. Blatantly offensive posts will still not be tolerated when they appear to be aimed at a player rather then a character.

Out of Game

The General Discussion and Rules boards are considered to be Out of Game.

  1. Posts must be related to Nero, or of general interest to the community of the forum. (eg: Inviting everybody to a BBQ  or asking who wants to go see Return of the King as a group are fine, ranting about federal politics or trading in illegal software are not)
  2. Posts must be written using the posters real name, there are no exceptions.
  3. Posts must have a valid email address, no exceptions.
  4. New threads should not be created to a single person (eg: “Hey Mike, can I have my stuff back?” is not a good thing to start a new thread for, send an email instead).
  5. Posts should be respectful of other players, criticism and argument are welcome so long as it can be done in a civilized manner.
  6. This forum is used by people of all ages, so profanity and sexual topics should be kept to a minimum.

General (applies to both forums)

  1. All posts are subject to moderator approval before showing up on the forum.
  2. Paid members of NERO NB may sign up for a website account, and can then ask the message board administrator to setup their membership. With that, they may have their posts show up immediately, without waiting for moderator approval.
  3. Permission to post instantly can be taken away for abuse of the system, such as breaking any of the other rules.
  4. All accounts must have a valid email address, no exceptions.
  5. Players are responsible for what others do with their accounts. You are encouraged to log off the site if posting from a public computer or a friends house, so they cannot use your account.