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SiLas SNikhToUnGue's Burrow of Enformation!

" Greetings-Greetings Man-things!"


Oh I love mey Breeder, she oftens quiet and to herself but she is most kind and most loving yes-yes. Ah, the smell is gewd. cent wait.

Silas J. Snikhtoungue : Trap Maaker, Deadite Hunta, Makin Trador

ThIngs of the HinTorLends:

Chester is a hobbling and a faithful one too. He has abandoned his last name for his familyís honor; he has fought by my side many times when I travel up to the Hinterlands and has a sense for humor and good food. Chester and I were the only two survivors of the spider caves when Durhan perished for the last time.

Sir William Crisp:
Though I do not know the knight of Riverton personally, I worked with him while he was part of the Rangerís Guild. He now has retired from being the ranger of the rose and passed the title on to Sileo Neco, he moved his family from the Island of the Arm to the Riverton. Riverton is located in the Icewyrm territory apparently closer to the Ivory tower then most settlements. He a breeder named Moon and three younglings. He was squire to the Sir Kentaro because Kentaro lost his title, Crisp then became a baronial squire.

The Privateers of the Starfire Rose:
Led by their Capín Jack Starfire, the crew has had a dominating influence of the adventurers throughout the year of 604. Members of the crew include Chekos Garuk, Sheriff Isaac, William the Bloody, Quinn the Black, Lashay, Bolt, Alexis and others. I have not met any of the crew personally excipt the Captain when he first arrived in Darkenwald.

It is disputable as to Durhanís alliegance and his intentions; many thought him to be a very sly character. I give Durhan credit as a person, he did me no wrong and saved my life in his last few days on Tyrra before he fell to spiderís venom in the depths of some caves and did not return.

Nikler Dowder:
When I last saw Nikler he was a dwarven scholar and proud citizen of the Hinterlands, he was a spellcaster and backed me up during our adventurers. He fell in the cave with Durhan but has since then returned to life.

Kurahn Stonemist:
This elf-thing is the Knight of Darkenwald in the service of gyrphonclaw. He is part of the clan of the silver fox with the remainder of his family.

Louis Sadrian:
A learned fellow and Icewyrmís Knight of Darkenwald, Louis is an Earthcaster and Potion master. He is married to Shayna Furínífeathers (they have two younglings) and settles most of the disputes on the Dryad tree.

Cymric Servonia:
This man was once an archwizard and squire of the white Hart, but in a quest against Chaos he fell for the last time. Cymric was laid to rest in a glade of order in the presence of Palador Hart and a mysterious woman. Cymric returned as something powerful and ascended, he had become a knight of the white hart and Justicar of the Hinterlands.

Lewthian Lungbow:
This master warrior elf-thing has been considered both very foolish and very wise. He has always fought on the side of the good adventurers regardless of those notions but was banished for the Hinterlands for some time. Since then his term of banishment has ended and he is free to roam the land again.

Nicholas Tyrloc:
This lousy spineless businessman is more of a merchant then a warrior, he is a hobbling and a lighthearted one and while he does have some skill in weaponry, heís more likely to be seen getting massages and eating in the inn.

Darius Tabath:
Darius was once both Sheriff and Captain of the Town Guard, but since then Isaac has become Sheriff of Darkenwald. I have not heard much of Tabath since then.

Sir Magius and Lady Lara Stormseye:
Sir Magius is a knight of Icewyrm and Lord of Byrnnkale, in addition he has a lightning fetish. Magius is looking for something called ďThe Eye of the StormĒ. I have not heard much from him, though I traveled with Lara before; it was said that Magius fell ill when Cymric died because of the magical bond they shared.

Draknalus Mirabad, SAM and Wylder:
I really havenít spoke with them, nor do I know much about them. It is said they are a powerful and influential Sarr family and from what I have seen while Iíve been there, I believe it!


?th of the 1st of the 5th: Someone ruined deh local grane, curses on them sulky man-things. They came and poisoned in a smail shep filled wiv bad.

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Endin', I fat rat messages and falc-cons of te like at my addrees Silas J. Snikhtoungue or the treez messogesz! gewd lueck.

Bye! Bye! Man-things! Yoor Frend.