Nero NB

Death & Related Issues

These clarifications are present due to many rulings on the subject over time and has been resolved in the player friendliest manner possible.

Death, Dying & Unconciousness

Unconciousness: As the NERO Rulebook defines, unconciousness happens when you reach 0 body points (Hit Points), this stage requires healing to immediately restore you or 10 minutes of 'sleep' which upon the 11th minute you are restored to 1 body point.

Bleeding Out or Dying: As the NERO Rulebook defines, bleeding out/dying happens when you reach -1 body points, at this stage you have merely 60 seconds to be healed, or have first aid applied. Without either of those applications you move to the next stage, Death.

Death: As the NERO Rulebook defines, death happens when you have bled out and died (or had another effect, like a Death Spell or Killing Blow affect you), at this stage there is only one cure, a Life spell within 5 minutes, (or the Tarry Spell, see Magic Spells Volume 2 Playtest) after that time place a white headband on your head, you are a spirit and must seek out resurrection. -Remember as a spirit you cannot interact with the game or other characters.

Now, as per the Rulebook under the rule of unconiousness you may 'opt to stop struggling to regain conciousness and die'. NERO NB has had to add a clarification/addition to this; meaning that you may opt to do the same thing during your Bleeding Out/Dying phase, as well as your Death phase.

It's three concious decisions made by the player for their character, meaning you chose to go ressurect, it is unlikely in the event of an adjudication regarding this kind of death that an adjudication could be had more favorably than the PC(player) chose to resurrect.

The ingame calls are quite simple:
From Unconciousness or Bleeding Out/Dying: "I choose to die"
From Death: "I choose to dissipate"

For Example:
Bruno the Barbarian is cut down by a few Death Knights and has no hope of rescue - he does not wish to become a Death Knight or minion of undeath so as he falls onto the ground he not only wills himself to die but also to dissipate, willing to take the death rather than whatever outcome the Undead could give to him.


Under Normal Circumstances:
When you are killed you have the 5minute count for someone to find your body and Life you, once that time has expired your body dissipates as your spirit is headed to find a circle or whatever the player wants to do with it, but as a spirit a white head band is worn and you cannot interact with the game until you have ressurected. Spirits cannot be seen ingame, so there is no needed count time for it to "dissipate" (see above).

You as a player can chose if/when you resurrect, assuming you have someone with the requirements listed in the rulebook to resurrect you. (Most of this can be found on page 19 - under Resurrection in the 8th Edition Rulebook). There are certainly off board plot devices if you find the ingame on site resources "Unfriendly", but in order to use these you must see either Dave, Norville or Andrew.

If you choose not to resurrect during the event you have 2 options, NPC the remainder of the event or leave the event, but your ingame items remain where they are (ie in a room, downstairs, out in the woods etc) until after game-off is called. You're making the concious ingame decision to leave these items behind, it's only fair someone take care of them, either for you, or for themselves...

All deaths whether you resurrect between or during an event must be logged with logistics, failure to do so could be considered cheating.

Killing Blow Clarification:

If you successfully killing blow someone while they're conscious, are they able to dodge, phase, parry or anything like that?

If you have successfully killing blowed someone then they have, like with any attack, a reasonable amount of time to react to it (ie a couple seconds - like calling a shield magic).

Now if you did get the 3 count off, taking at least 3 seconds, not a power count, then you have killed them...Magic Armor doesn't stop it, but yes, a dodge/phase/parry etc would work assuming the character meets that criteria, so does the term "I block you" or "I stop you".

For Example:
If they were just sitting in a chair and you walked up and did the 3 count, then yes they would be able to use those (parry would require a weapon in hand) defenses.

But if they were confined, ie in a web or such, than no (Pin/Bind still leaves them "mobile" for these purposes) as you cannot dodge/parry there, but you still could phase - this could definately change in the 9th edition of the rules when we get a copy of it.