Nero NB

Rules Clarifications


We are proud to announce the addition of more Nationally Approved Playtests to the NERO New Brunswick Rules Set. Just follow the link to the Playtest Section. If a playtest isn't listed here, that's because we don't use it in our Chapter at this time, or it hasn't been posted yet. We do have clarifications to some of them located in that link.

Andrew Inness
General Manager,
NERO New Brunswick

This is where we will be hosting the many links to our rules clarifications. If you have a question about any of these, feel free to email me, or to ask upon our rules board.

This part of the site will constantly be updated and thus be constantly under construction. If you see something that isn't filled in, check back, it will be as I get to it. If you think something should be added, email me.

Transfer Policy:

There is no level restriction or Level cap in NERO NB to the regular campaign. Core Rulebook Characters, races and Skills will be allowed. Others may be approved on case-by-case basis. If you are considering visiting NERO NB and you play a non-standard race or have non-standard skills please e-mail Andrew Inness beforehand.

NERO NB will only accept Unrestricted items with unique item numbers, there are no exceptions to this rule. Though there may be cases where restricted items are permitted for plot reasons. NERO NB reserves the right to disallow any item magical or otherwise. All magic items and ritual scrolls must be approved at check-in.


When reset occurs ingame skills/spells are reset, previous skills/spells are 'forgotten' and the new skills/spells can be obtained. In the case of spells, they need to be re-memorized (Per our COTF Rules)